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"In my opinion, Muti our guide did a phenomenal job for the group and most importantly represented REI extremely well. This was my fourth REI Adventure Trip, and as a benchmark, at least one of my prior guides has won REI Guide of the year. With that said I feel that Muti, all factors considered, has been the best guide that I have experienced yet. He was a bit on the quiet side at first but that is just his nature. In my mind most importantly he modeled REI's values during the entire trip, in short representing REI better than any prior quide that I have experienced. He was thoughtful, helpful, experienced, very well prepared, informative, interactive and had a very holistic approach to life in general. Many times he went well out of his way to make the trip experience that much better for not only myself but other travelers that needed additional assistance, even helping them schedule trips/tickets etc... for other excursions that were not part of the REI trip itself. To date he has been the only guide I have experienced that I could really see as an REI employee someday, this really resonated for me. "

In the beginning I have guided for companies like:

REI Adventures

Natural Habitats 


where I have mastered the skills of patience and group dynamics.


I split my year guiding trekking groups related with birdwatching, geology, and nature in general, as well as technical ascents, ice climbing courses (my favorite ones during the winter) and all kind of ascents.


My two main guiding spots are El Chaltén and Mendoza.

My services are very well customized and personal. I never understood big groups, where there is no chance to know the people walking or climbing with you. I`ve been always on the personalized side of the business. 

Muti Blampied
  • Mountain Guíde EPGAMT M.N.:232
  • AIARE 2 
  • Lead rescuer Randis Consultora
  • Los Glaciares National Park certified mountain guide


More than 14 years guiding professionally in Argentina and Chile, but mainly in El Chalten and Mendoza.


10 years of teaching at EAAM and ISAS mountain guide school.





Muti Blampied


Whatsapp: +54 9 1159975307


ESQUI / Facundo Sicardi
  • AADIDESS Level 1
  • Mountain Guide ISAS
  • Los Glaciares National Park certified mountain guide


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